Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Germ Of An Idea

The concept of this blog is to hopefully show that anyone, with a little experience, determination and ingenuity can undertake adventure and expeditions in the modern world. The great peaks may have been climbed and you may be able to pay your way to the top of Everest but there are still some untouched corners of this planet.

Small insignificant peaks which may be dwarfed by stories of greater expeditions but adventure is always personal. While it's easy to read about Scott, Shackleton, Hilary and Fiennes it is hard to imagine how their expeditions were even with personal accounts. The whole world has changed, these areas have become less remote and technology has altered our perception of risk, and once something has been achieved it seems easier. Personal accounts rarely give a true insight into the harsh conditions, as with soldiers adventurers are not inclined to share all.

The only real way to experience the environment associated with these great feats is to organise your own. Repeat ascents of Everest have led to calls for permanent paths and ladders, where there are already fixed ropes, sherpas are increasingly running themselves as a cartel and commercialisation is contributing to ever more rubbish and bodies. Going somewhere new, or at least far from the crowds, and with good ethics will lead to a rewarding if sometimes harrowing experience. Your own true adventure.

A few months ago I decided I would like to climb an unclimbed peak. To organise and experience a new adventure where the stakes are high. Modern lightweight alpinism in the Muzkol range in Tajikistan has some great opportunities, in a beautiful setting, as remote as you can get.

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  1. I can't wait to see the first step...
    Lightweighting the Gospel Pass?