Thursday, 10 April 2014

Do you have previous?

So what qualifies me to talk about adventure? As previously stated I am a fairly inexperienced climber, I've never been to the alps and I'm already set on making alpine ascents with a similarly poorly experienced person where there is no hope of rescue in the event of an accident. These things seem to stack the odds largely against me.

However there is a secret to making things happen. If you persevere, have determination and are willing to make sacrifices you can achieve anything. Luck may have something to do with it, certainly you are lucky if you aren't hit by rocks while climbing, but that is similar to not being hit by a car crossing the road. You are ultimately in control of your destiny.

I have been on adventures before, in my first year of university I decided that during the summer break I would travel to India and Pakistan. I moved hell and high water to make it happen, eating less to save money, seeking the cheapest flights at great length and planning the little details of the trip. When I got there all that went out of the window as no plans remain the same, but to save cash I opted for cheaper places to live, spending the night in Dhabhas.

The first night was spent in a small petrol station outside Faridabad near Dehli. I met a fellow student on the flight over whom had been gifted the business by his father to break him into the harsh realities of real work. He recommended I did not follow my plans to find a dodgy hostel that night and instead stay there. Figuring he had nothing to gain from this, or me, I guessed I'd be safe. The risk payed off, I had free food, a beer, a bed and a few new friends made. A good start.

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