Friday, 18 April 2014

The Cobbler

The Cobbler is the most accessible technical summit in relation to Glasgow. Yesterday a group of friends with varying experience in the mountains made the trip with me to the summit. The weather started with drizzle but quickly dried, however strong winds remained. We took a diversion from the path up a steep scree followed by an almost vertical turf section to a shoulder and the saddle between the Central and South Peak.  The central peak offers the highest point of the mountain, a pinnacle which stands about 15 ft or so above the surrounding ground.

To access the summit is a quick scramble of no real technical difficulty, a hole in the easily accessible side gives access to a ledge where a short traverse leads to a series of blocks which give steps to the top. Atop I set up a belay and Rachael came up to join me.  The wind this small distance higher than the summit was considerable, adding to the exposure. A fun summit with little technical difficulty, though best enjoyed with a little knowledge of short roping techniques to protect the pinnacle.

Windy Approach With Fantastic Views

Placing Protection On The Top

Rachael Joins Me On The Summit

Windswept Up Top

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